"Near Zero Emission"

Recent technological advancement in biomass science have propelled the harnessing of energy from nature by our expert engineers. As a result, DalWorld Group is meeting and advancing the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal for the 21st Century and beyond, as evident in our portfolio.


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From integrated real estate to intelligent railway infrastructure, DalWorld's dedicated experts can tackle some of the most complex designs in the world to meet the needs of Africa and beyond. As resort developer, we stress the importance of establishing a long-range concept early in the planning process, to ensure success of the long-term objective and image of the site. With strategic alliances of accredited professionals and "on the ground" platform of local and regional experts, we assiduously work to achieve excellence in sustainability and ecological planning. DalWorld also consults on urban and regional planning, while considering local market conditions and international market trends. We employ the latest technologies from around the world to meeting infrastructure and environmental objectives of our clientele -- special focus on Emerging Markets and sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).


​Our “macro-vision” for Africa is backed by collaboration with world class master planners, advisory services, technology provider, and partnership with World Bank approved global lender. Further, we welcome private equity participation to meet our growth target.


​As we expand our operation, the assurance of major brand recognition is noteworthy in our investment dossier.​ Furthermore, we can assist eligible investors obtain insurance against noncommercial risks in emerging markets through our international partners; email for additional information.


As part of our ethos, we will set aside 5% of our performance fees to heighten awareness and fund social, economic and cultural development in our region of operation. With current commitments in parts of Africa, we are poised to emerge as one of SSA's leading developers.

For those seeking to join our exciting company, visit our online career center for news on job opportunities.  ​​


With specialist knowledge from around the *world, our architects, planners and engineers are committed to excellence and performance.​​

​​​​​​​​Preserving Africa's treasures -- rainforest, grassland, wildlife, etc


From Senegal to Zambia and beyond, DalWorld's renewable energy philosophy of sound environmental caretaker (near zero emission footprint), and in tandem with technology provider, is powering Africa, one community at a time -- coming soon to a town near you.​


DalWorld's executive team consists of proven professionals with over 70 years of experience with an amalgam of industry specific background. Along with consultants, they are hard at work to get the job done on time and on budget, ensuring the delivery of quality. This outcome is accomplished, while meeting and often exceeding industry safety regulations. 

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