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Gbenga O.P. Adalumo

Founder and President, DalWorld Group

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From Our Founder & President 



As we emerge from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, our hearts and prayers go out to those families that have been impacted by the virus. We also give thanks to the thousands of frontline workers around the world whose daily sacrifices have saved countless lives.

At DalWorld, we reaffirm our go-forward approach with urgency of purpose to meeting our development commitments in Africa and the Emerging Markets.

DalWorld Group is a U.S. corporation funded by Institutional and Private sector accredited global lenders; doing business in Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Asset Management with a focus on emerging markets and sub-Saharan Africa.


In 2015 market forecasts indicated this region outpaced counter-parts globally over the last five years. Equity managers were more bullish about the region than they are about India, Brazil or China. Policy makers refer to this surge as Africa direct investment. And despite reports of marginal weakening in emerging markets foreign reserves, emerging and some frontier markets still remain the foremost creditors of the world. Furthermore, Africa also provides interesting opportunities for investors to allocate funds based on relative economic attractiveness of one region or country over another. We at DalWorld believe therefore, that emerging market countries in aggregate look stronger than developed markets in aggregate for a myriad of other reasons, including more favorable demographics. According to PricewaterhouseCooper's (PwC), "Africa's young population will drive the demand for real estate and different types of real estate. Across Africa there will be continued urbanization, an expansion of current cities and the rise of new cities". The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) GDP growth projection for sub-Saharan economies slowed to 3.7% in 2015, but the overall growth in the region is projected to further strengthen to 4.4% in 2016 and 4.8% in 2017.

It is noteworthy that Ernst and Young (EY) in its 2016 Africa attractiveness program, "Navigating Africa's current uncertainties" states, "Despite current uncertainties regarding growth prospect in many African economies, it is our view that the longer-term outlook for economic and investment in Africa remain positive. The next few years will be tough - partly, even largely, as a result of a fragile global economy - but many African economies remain resilient, with two-thirds of sub-Saharan (SSA) economies still growing at rates above global average this year. Structural evolution will continue and, when conditions improve globally, much of Africa will be well positioned to accelerate the growth momentum once again."


DalWorld, with its platform of appropriate structures and access to specialists knowledge, has positioned its brand firmly in the Africa growth experience and looks to expand. To engage our services, write to -- for information on how to invest in DalWorld and to join our stakeholders, via our advisory partners, write to​​​​

We look forward to working with you.​